Membership Payment Policy


To ensure that membership payment practices are consistent, transparent and ensure that all membership fees are collected in a timely manner to assist the clubs financial viability.

Cost and support to parents

Membership fees for the Lara Basketball Club are compulsory and contribute towards the cost of hall hire for training, registration and affiliation fees to Basketball Geelong and the cost of trophies at the end of the Championship (winter) season. The Lara Basketball Club Committee reviews the membership fees yearly and makes every effort to keep costs to a minimum.

Fees are as follows:

Lara Basketball Club Membership Fee

To be paid prior to the beginning of the season. We will allow a grace period of 1 month after the start of the season.

$60 Senior/Junior membership season. Second family member $50, third $40

Basketball Geelong Annual Registration & Insurance Fee  (Must be paid direct to Basketball Geelong before playing your first game)

$90 Juniors (online)    /    $90 Seniors (online)

Playing Fees

$10 per game fee Juniors & Seniors (Paid direct to Basketball Geelong at the stadiums)

For Pre Paid Tickets contact Basketball Geelong



The Lara Basketball Club Committee will ensure that:

  • information on payment options is available, accessible and easily understood to all parents so that they know what to expect and what supports they can access
  • parents are provided with early notice of annual membership fees. This enables parents to save and budget accordingly
  • the status and details of any financial arrangements are kept confidential and only shared with relevant personnel

The fees coordinator will ensure that

  • membership fees are received prior to the beginning of the season and any membership fees outstanding after the 1 months grace period will be monitored.
  • Contact will be made with the contact person of the player with outstanding fees, by either email, phone or text with the intention of collecting full payment or establishing a payment plan.
  • If contact cannot be made after 3 attempts, the player will be deemed to have ceased membership with the club and will no longer be able to train or play for the club. The relevant coach will be notified.
  • If payment is refused or communication is not resulting in any payment, the player will be deemed to have ceased membership with the club and will no longer be able to train or play for the club. The relevant coach will be notified.

Support for families

Families may experience financial difficulties and may be unable to meet the full membership fee requested. The fees coordinator and the committee exercise sensitivity to the differing financial circumstances of their members and their families when considering payment requests. Our fees coordinator is very approachable and is more than willing to listen to any issue you may have. A payment plan may be negotiated over a longer period.

Payment arrangements and methods

We realize that the beginning of the year may be a difficult time financially for families.  For that reason, if you are unable to pay the membership fees in full then a payment plan may be arranged.  Feel free to see our Fees Coordinator if you need to make payment arrangements.

Available payment methods:

Our preferred method of payment is through the Sporting Pulse online registration and payment as you can update or confirm your contact details at the same time.  This is important so we can communicate effectively with our club members.

The LBC website is at and there is a link at the top of the LBC website page to the right of the Giants logo “Club Membership” to register and pay membership fees.

Other options are a direct debit to our Bendigo Bank account or contact our fees coorindator to make arrangements to pay by cash or cheque. If you direct debit to our bank account make sure you enter your name as a reference otherwise we cannot match your payment to you.

Our bank account details are:

Bendigo Bank account


Account Number—142651736

If you believe none of the options are suited to you and would like to arrange something else please contact our fees coordinator.

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