Committee History

Below is the history of the executive committee. Obviously the committee was made up of a lot more wonderful people, but we have kept it simple for historical purposes

PresidentVice PresidentSecretaryTreasurer
2023Jason AherneLorraine KulicJenny PlozzaDillion Butten
2022Jason AherneLorraine KulicJenny PlozzaDillion Butten
2021Jason AherneLorraine KulicJenny PlozzaGemma Bartolo
2020Jason AherneLorraine KulicJenny PlozzaGemma Bartolo
2019Jason AherneLorraine KulicJenny PlozzaGemma Bartolo
2018Jason AherneLorraine KulicJenny PlozzaGemma Bartolo
2017Jason AherneLorraine KulicJenny PlozzaRod Randall
2016Jason AherneDamian WithersLorraine KulicRod Randall
2015Rod RandallJason AherneNARod Randall
2014Rod RandallDamian WithersNARod Randall
2013Leigh DawsonMatt BaarsKate BraentelRod Randall
2012Leigh DawsonLeigh DawsonSharyn RodgerRod Randall
2011Nathan GeorgeRod RandallRod RandallSharyn Rodger
2010Rod RandallNathan GeorgeMichelle LamontBelinda Holden
2009Rod RandallKat ClancyMichelle LamontAlison Randall
2008Rod RandallAllan VosMichelle LamontAlison Randall
2007Rod RandallAllan VosAlison RandallDaryl Drake
2006Rod RandallGlen MundayAlison RandallDaryl Drake
2005Rod RandallGlen MundayAlison RandallDaryl Drake
2004Adam DuckettAndy EatonAlison RandallJacinta Box
2003Adam DuckettAndy EatonLinda WilsonJacinta Box
2002Adam DuckettAndy EatonLinda WilsonGeorge Baskharon
2001Pam LamontGeoff HenleyLinda WilsonGeorge Baskharon
2000George BaskharonGeoff HenleyPam LamontPam Lamont
1999George BaskharonPenny FreamePam LamontChris Henley
1998George BaskharonGeoff HenleyPam LamontPam Lamont
1997Geoff HenleyNeil StoreyLiz BoxChris Henley
1996Robert AmosGeoff HenleyNAChris Henley
1995Robert AmosGeoff HenleyLiz BoxChris Henley
1994Fred LamontSteve HuybensLesley MartinHeather Chapman
1993Ken MouldenSteve HuybensLeslie MartinJanna Smith
1992Ken MouldenPeter LeesonLesley MartinJanna Smith

Upcoming Events

Lara Giants Hoop City Clinic

Free Hoop City Clinic for our U12 & U14 players. Register here

Uniform Day

Uniform Day is today at Lara Community Centre on Waverly Road Lara between 4pm to 6pm If you are a new player or needing a new Austin Lara uniform you can come along & collect your uniform today. First games are this week so make sure you are ready. To help ensure speedy service for […]

Summer 2024 Presentation

Sunday March 24 – Details TBC

Giant Clinic Term 1

Free Clinic for all in our community. More info

Winter Presentation Day

Sunday August 27 Lara Primary School 1pm U10s, 2pm U12s 3pm Programs – Shooting Starts, Little Giants, Mighty Giants & Pipsqueaks 3:30pm U14s,  4:30pm U16s, u18s & u19s

Trivia Twisties – Trivia Night

Join us for a fun night of Trivia…. But with a twist.  There will be a strong emphasis on TV, Movies, Sport & Music as well as other crazy fun games & activities for all to enjoy

Lara Giants – Geelong Supercats Club Night

The Lara Giants are off to watch the NBL1 action with the Geelong United Supercats on Saturday June 3rd at the Geelong Arena. More info Lara Giants – Geelong Supercats Club Night

Presentation Day Summer 2023

Our summer presentation day is Sunday April 2

Giant Clinic/ Come & Try

Free Clinic / Come & Try Session Sunday March 19 Lara Lake Primary

Annual General Meeting

7pm Sunday Nov 20 Lara Community Centre – Youth Room   All positions will be declared vacant & a new committee will be elected. If you are passionate about helping our club as we head into the most important time in our 30 year history we would love for you to come along.