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Summer Teams 2022
October 21st, 2021

Under 20 Girls

Team Name: Lara Giants U20G2 Div 1/2 Coach: Beth Webb
Cailey Rowe
Ella Robinson
Hayley Rabbas
Kaitlyn De Bono
Kayla Orchard
Steffi Hewitt
Chantelle Kostiuk Hucklebridge


Team: Lara Giants D1W Div 1
Jo Chambers
Lilly Hine
Tayla Reid
Lauren O’Brien
Jess Hogan
Rikki Van Gemert
Courtney Lino
Addi Barrs (Development player)

Team: Lara Giants D2W Div 2
Sarah Van Arend
Paige Rowan
Jess Aherne
Emmanuella Bogioglou
Mikayla Tomicic
Madelyn Marshman
Emily Allan

Team: Lara Lightning D2W Div 2
Sarah Box
Jacinta Box
Jess Nowell
Kylie Kruger
Carly Vaughan
Lauren Williams
Georgia Duncan
Stephanie Manaszczuk

Team: Lara Thunder D2W Div 2
Mariah Rowe
Bethany Webb
Ebony Rowe
Hannah Webb
Kaitlyn Havard
Bianca Duff
Zoe Duff
Carlie Mayall

Under 20 Boys

Teams to be finalised at try outs Saturday Nov 6
Club Register:
Travis Rodger
Lucas Robertson
Riley Woodyard
Fletch Thompson
Xavier Parker
Cameron Pullen
Lachlan Scott
Ashton Gould
Callum OToole
Darcy O’Connor
Elijah Mullane
James Wilson
Xavier Tuckerman
Maximo Caldwell-Garcia


Team name: Lara Hotel Giants CHAMP Men
Jackson Bentley
James Box
Sam Hammond
Jack Burnett
Zachary Moore
Robert Harding
Nathan Hargrave (Development Player)

Div: Tuesday Night Div 1
Team Selection & Make up to be finalised (potentially 2 teams or U23 options)
Club Register:
Cam Larkin
Mitchell Caldow
Declan Meanie
Cooper Baars
Justin Werner
Isiah Wood
Callum O’Connor
Rhys Petroff (Development Player)
Jordan Favaloro (Development Player)

Lara Giants TH-D1M Div: Thurs Div 1
Ayhan Aydin
Steven Nydam
Mark Evans
Bernard Kapelle
Samuel Van Ingen.
Paul Box
Josh Deacon
Steve Moxon

Team Name: Lara Giants MD1M Div: Monday Div 1
Armin Biria
Philip Morales
Brandon Creed
Damian Stead
Justin Werner
Prince Kaloko

Lara Thunder MD3 Men Monday Night
Jake McCarter
Bailey Van Bakkum
Denzel Fuller
Zac More
Ryan Lawrence
Jack Richards

Lara Lightning MD3 Men Monday Night
Lachlan Turner
Cody Beckley
Sam Walker
Dillon Butten
Josh O’Bryan
Max Collier
Lachlan Toll

Lara Giants MD4 Men Monday Night
Chris O’Halloran
Jarrod Fraim
Andrew Maslen
Regan Lilly
Lee Tonkin
Nicholas Cartwright
Josef Paatsch

Lara Titans MD4 Men Monday Night
Cain Dyett
Craig Jones
Elrick Cruz
Mathew Wembridge
Rukshan Fernando
David Lamont
Brett Bonham


Lara Giants Mixed Sunday Night
Bianca Duff
Curtis Fitzgerald
Jai Bosnjak
Lily Duff
Rhys McNabb
Zoe Duff

Winter Presentation 2021
October 20th, 2021

Another year of covid interuptions, but it was still a successful season neathertheless. Congrats to all our junior players & a special congratulations to our major trophy winners

Club Champions

Under 20/23

Under 18

Under 16

Under 14

Under 12

Uniform Day & Winter Trophy Collection
October 20th, 2021

Uniform Day for Under 16s to Seniors

With Summer season kicking off soon for the below age groups we are having a uniform day. Any player who currently has a Austin Reversible Uniform does not need a new uniform unless they have outgrown their old one.

U20s, U23s & Senior Teams –> Return Date –> Week of November 8

U16s & U18s –> Return Date –> Week of November 22

We will look to have a uniform day for the younger age groups when we know their return date

Due to Covid restrictions we need all coming to collect a uniform to book a timeslot via the link

Uniform day will be Saturday Oct 23 between 11am & 2pm at St Anthony’s Primary School

Winter 2021 Trophy & Medal Collection

We are having a special Drive Thru collection for the players that played in our winter season. Families can drive through & collect thier awards. All junior players (including all u10s) who don’t win trophies will get a Lara Giants Medal. Medals can be collected between 11am & 1pm.

No need to book a time, just come along & from the comfort of your car we will give you your medals. Please be patient in this process as we haven’t done this before & we imagine there maybe some peak times during the day.

The all new Lara Giants Medals look awesome, be sure to come collect yours on Saturday

Summer Basketball Signup 2022
August 2nd, 2021

Hard to believe it, but it is time to start planning for our summer season. Registrations are now open & will remain open until Friday September 3 (seniors will have extra time). We will then look to have try outs the last 2 weeks of term 3 to ensure we place all kids in the most suitable division for their confidence, experience & abilities.

Signed Up Players – Updated 9am September 4

To be placed in a team you must register here :

Please Note: This is not the registration for Little Giants, Pipsqueak Giants or Mighty Giants. Announcements will be made closer to end of term for these programs.

Key Dates

Age Groups for Winter 2020-21

  • Under 10 – 2013 – 2015 (Saturday)
  • Under 12 – 2011 & 2012 (Saturday)
  • Under 14 – 2009 & 2010 (Boys- Monday, Girls- Tuesday)
  • Under 16 – 2007 & 2008 (Boys- Wednesday, Girls- Tuesday)
  • Under 18 – 2005 & 2006 (Boys- Wednesday, Girls- Tuesday)
  • Under 20 – 2003 & 2004 (Boys- Thursday, Girls- Tuesday)
  • Under 23 – 2000 – 2002 (Boys- Thursday)
  • Open/Senior Men & Women (Mostly Monday)


Space Jam 2
July 2nd, 2021

Q. Whats the biggest basketball movie of the year? A. Space Jam 2

Q. Who is the biggest basketball star in the universe right now? A. Bug Bunny or maybe LeBron James

Q. Who is giving you an opportunity to see Space Jam 2 before the rest of the world? A. Lara Giants

Yep thats right. Catch Space Jam 2 on the big screen next Saturday afternoon as an exclusive Lara Giants Screening.

What: Space Jam 2

When: Saturday July 10 at 4pm

Where: Village Geelong

How Much: $20 including ticket, drink & popcorn

Book your tickets now as they are strictly limited.

Lara Giants Teen Clinic
June 1st, 2021

When: Sunday June 20 3pm to 5pm

Where: Geelong Grammer School

Thanks to our amazing sponsors The Bendigo Community Bank Lara and Kardinia Osteo Clinic we are doing an all star clinic designed for our older junior players. We have already lined up Liam McInerney from the Geelong Supercats and are adding to the list with our own super coaches & super stars Joel McFall, Kelsey Jordan & Jackson Bentley. We are also hoping to add more big names so stay tuned.

This clinic will be designed for our older juniors whether they are first year players or been playing for years. In fact, you don’t even have to be a Lara Giant to come along, anyone is welcome as long as you are born between 2002 & 2009 (under 14s to under 20s). The clinic is designed to introduce you to different areas of our game & teach you some of the finer points on how to take your game to the next level.

Spaces are limited so be quick & book now

Basketball Courts In Lara
May 10th, 2021

When I was a teenager my mates & I headed down to the local school & played basketball all Sunday afternoon. We were there for hours, played with each other or we played with other kids that turned up. It was the highlight of the week. So many hours going head to head getting an awesome work out, keeping out of trouble & no electronic devices in sight.

Today, our kids don’t have the same opportunities. If the Lara Giants were able to build a stadium we would open it up for our members & members of the public where the kids would be safe to practice, play, have fun & able to burn up all that energy.

Map of Lara. Green dots are courts available for public use. Red dots not available

Lara Secondary

Location: Alkara Ave Lara

Accessible: No. Behind gates cannot use unless you go to school there

Size of court: Full size court

Quality: 8/10 Very good court, well painted lines. Rings & backboard in good quality. Court can be slippery when wet

Size of court: Full size court

Quality: 7/10 Full size court. Rings & backboard in good quality. Concrete so can be slippery

Lara Primary

Location: Flinder Ave Lara

Accessible: No. Behind gates cannot use unless you go to school there

Size of court: Full size court

Quality: 9/10 Great court, well painted lines. Rings & backboard in good quality

Chirnside Park

Location: Patullos Road Lara

Accessible: Yes

Size of court: Basically the size of the basketball key

Quality: 5 out of 10. Not much space & a fair bit of cracking in the ground making it a little unsteady for the feet. Ring is solid & back is stable which makes it ok for some one on one or just shooting a couple of hoops yourself

Community Centre

Location: Waverly Road Lara

Accessible: Yes

Size of court: Full size court

Quality: 6 out of 10. Seen better days. Always covered in debris, dirt & the rings & surface has seen better days. Very slippery & not overly safe

Lara Lake Primary School

Location: Darcy Road or Lake Road Lara

Accessible: Yes

Size of court: Full size

Quality: 7.5 out of 10. Full sized court, rings are often damaged & backboard not full size. Line markings & surface could do with some care & repairs. But saying all that it is the only safe, full size court available in Lara so thank you to the Lara Lake Primary School.

Grand Lakes

Location: Eastlakes Blvd Lara

Accessible: Yes

Size of court: Slightly more than a 3 point area with 1 basketball ring & a netall ring other end

Quality: 8 out of 10. A great little pop up court that is rather new. Quality ring, basket & pole. Concrete surface & a weird key paining but does the job. Hopefully more new park spaces will follow this simple addition to their open spaces

Esperance Reserve

Location: The Esperance Lara

Accessible: Yes

Size of court:


Please feel free to send us a photo & a review 🙂

St Anthony’s Primary

Location: Kees Road Lara

Accessible: No

Size of court: Full Size

Quality: 7/10. A good court now with added shade. Only accessible for students

Have we missed a court or basketball ring in Lara (other than your backyard). Send us the details to

For the population of Lara & the number of kids playing basketball our options are so limited. We would like to see more opportunity for the families of Lara to be able to get outside & enjoy some fun.

Winter Dates 2021
April 12th, 2021

Below are some key dates for the upcoming winter season including Little Giants

Winter 21 Teams
April 1st, 2021

Congrats to all our players on the selection in their teams for this winter. We have a massive 59 teams which is a winter record, this includes 47 junior teams & 350+ players.

While many teams stayed the same there were also a lot of changes. We understand we are not able to please everyone & sometimes we feel our players would be better suited to a lower division to help them go forward in the long run. We are passionate to help ensure al our players have the opportunity to grow & those that maybe unlucky to not move up or go back a team please think of the bigger picture. Look to work on your game, on your leadership & if needed show on the court the decision is not the correct one & your turn will come.

If you are still not happy you are welcome to contact the club at either or with your childs details & any concerns you wish to raise. Please note, we will be taking a break for the next couple of days over Easter & will look to reply when we return.

Below are the teams, your coach will reach out to you over the holidays to introduce themselves.

Team Selection

Confirm Your Spot

It is now very important that we confirm your spot so you can be added to our system to be able to take the court. Please note: Failure to register will mean you cannot play.

Uniform Day

We wil be having a uniform day on Saturday April 17 & you can book your spot now if you need a new uniform. Existng players with reversible uniforms already do not need to replace their uniform.

Good luck to all we can’t wait to see everyone back on the courts.

Lara Giants Basketball
March 9th, 2021

Looking for a fun way to get involved in an all year round indoor sport. We have options for everyone to join in & have some fun.

Play Basketball

Registrations are now open to sign up for our winter season, but be quick they close March 21 so we can get teams ready for term 2. For details on winter season visit here Unsure what is involved in playing basketball visit our here Registrations are open from our under 10s program to our senior mens & women.

We are having a free come & try clinic for kids in under 10s to under 14s on Sunday March 14. This is open to new players & exisitng. For more details on the clinic visit here

Little Giants

Little Giants is the best introduction to basketball in town. Based in Lara in various times we offer experienced coaches to help teach the basics of basketball via fun & interactive games. With classes based around age groups it allows us to custom the classes to get the most for your kids. Registration is not yet open but for more details on our Little Giants program visit here

Mighty Giants

Mighty Giants is designed for kids under 14 with special needs & disabilities to give them a chance to have some fun with our wonderful game. Based on the very popular Little Giants program we will have classes designed to introduce the basics of basic, with a heavy focus on inclusion and engagement for all. This includes kids & if need be carers. We are having a series of come & try days on Saturdays in March. For more info on this wonderful program & classes visit here

  • Austin Land Lara
  • Lara Hotel
  • Lara Community Bank
  • Apco
  • Beck's Boarding Retreat
  • Kardinia Osteopathic Clinic
  • Lara Tyre & Battery
  • Jibber Jabber
  • Lifelong Dental
  • Long Island Homes
  • Millars Lara
  • Pipsqueaks Early Learning

Upcoming Events

Uniform Day W21

Uniform day is Saturday April 17.  You must book your spot to attend via

Annual General Meeting

Notice of Annual General Meeting- Sunday November 29 The Lara Giants are heading into a massive period of the clubs history with record number of players as well as the pushing forward with our plans for a home stadium. We ar inviting anyone who is passionate about our club to put their hands up to […]

Winter 2020 Uniform Day

Uniform day for new players. Spaces are limited & must be booked in due to covid restrictions

Girls Only Clinic – Steph Blicavs

FREE Girls Only Clinic with Australia Opal /  Geelong Supercat Steph Blicavs Sunday MArch 15th – Under 10s & U12s 12pm, U14s & above 1pm Registrations required at

Summer Presentation Day 2020

Junior Presentatio Day Sat March 14 at St Anthony’s Primary School Under 10s & Little Giants 4pm U12s & U14s 5pm U16 & U18s (inc U20 girls) 6pm  

Annual General Meeting

Lara Basketball Club would like to advise all that the our Annual General Meeting will take place on Sunday October 13th at 7pm at the Lara Community Centre on Waverly Road Lara. All positions will be vacated & we will elect a new committee. For more info contact Jason on 0417306327

Uniform Collection Day

Sunday October 6 at St Anthonys Primary School. Cash or Card Welcome 10am Surnames A to D 11am Surnames E to K 12pm Surnames L to Q 1pm Surnames R to Z 2pm Alternate Time

Winter Presentation Day 2019

Junior Presentation Day is booked in for Saturday September 21st. 11am Little Giants & U10s from . 12pm U12s & U14s at 12pm 1:30pm Club awards, Service awards & U16s & U18s. We will have the BBQ going all day for you to grab a snag as well as our merch tent will be set […]

Uniform Day

Uniform day for our new uniforms

Summer Presentation Day

For the first time ever we are having a summer presentation day. With so many of our junior players only playing summer we felt it was only far we put on a special presentation day for all the kids & their hard work over a hot summer.  There will be trophies for u12s & above, […]