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Summer 2021 – Updated Oct 22
October 2nd, 2020

Registered Players

It has been a long winter without the things we love. No friends, no family & no fun to be had. However the good news is we are hopefully heading in the right direction & are ready to return to Basketball. The current plan based on the Sate Governement & Health departmant roadmap has us returning to safe place around Nov 9 (please note this can change & is out of our control). With this date we are looking to return to basketball the week of November 23 for ALL age groups. Yes from under 10s to Seniors.

We have 1 month to collect registrations & to start our planning, so the first step those are wanting to play MUST register on Google Forms link by November 1. We will then look to have try outs if needed for junior teams from November 9 with teams not long after.


Expected season to start Nov 23 (subject to State Government covid roadmap)

  • Covid Rules will apply for the start of the season with hopes of relaxing those rules as we enter various stages.
  • Game length will be reduced to two 15 min halves hope to increase by a couple of min before xmas & hope to be full length by term 1
  • Limits to the number of people allowed in stadiums including 1 spectator per player (not including coach)
  • There will be no training in term 4 due to unavailability of schools. Hope to have full training in term 1
  • There will be no presentation day as we simply don’t know if we can
  • Fees will be reduced to $40 reflect the savings in less training & presentation day
  • Term 4 plans for at least 4 games before xmas. Term 1 is a long term of 11 week, which will hopefully mean at least 15 weeks of comp (inc finals)

So if you can’t wait to get back into your basketball & see you old team mates again then please register here

Little GIANTS and Mighty GIANTS

Unfortunately we are unable to run our Little & Mighty Giants program for term 4 as we still not able to safely use the school hall. We are very keen to return fro Term 1 & perhaps a FREE clinic is safe

Age Groups for Summer 2020-21

  • Under 10 – 2012 – 2014 (Saturday)
  • Under 12 – 2011 & 2010 (Saturday)
  • Under 14 – 2009 & 2008 (Boys- Monday, Girls- Tuesday)
  • Under 16 – 2007 & 2006 (Boys- Wednesday, Girls- Tuesday)
  • Under 18 – 2005 & 2004 (Boys- Wednesday, Girls- Tuesday (U20s))
  • Under 20 – 2003 & 2002 (Boys- Thursday, Girls- Tuesday)
  • Under 23 – 1999 – 2001 (Boys- Thursday)

We are very excited to return & we hope you are to. Be sure to get your registration in & let your mates know.


Stadium For Lara
September 16th, 2020

With the upcoming Geelong local council elections we have an open letter to those running to show their support not only for the Lara Giants, but to the northern suburbs & to the kids in our area. With more kids playing basketball than any other sport in Lara and no home for our club it is time. It is time for us to stand up and demand a stadium, for our game, for our club & for our rapidly growing community.Like and share to show your support.

Thank you to Kylie Grzybek & Anthony Aitken for their support and we would like to encourage our members to support them to help ensure they continue to fight for the North and deliver on a stadium for Lara.

We now will continue to fight and look for State government in particular Mr John Eren the State member for Lara.

We also as our members to continue to help be our voice and help us fight towards give our club and kids a home

The hardest part we found to getting started was access to land. Thankfully the Committee of Management for Beckley Park have offered to lease us a parcel of land at Beckley Park. The picture attached shows the space available to the club. The space is big enough for a 4 court stadium with room to add more courts if needed. Beckley Park are looking to undertake some of their own works including a carpark creating the area into a substantial sporting precinct.

Our next step is funding. This is a tiered application process. Our application for the first tier is underway and due shortly. This involves concept and site planning, schematic design and development. The following tiers then depend on the amount of funding achievable – this will require support form local, state and federal governments and privately backed supporters. These tiers involve a town planning submission, the tender process and ultimately construction.Having our own courts will allow our club and its members a training facility.

Our courts would be built to tournament standard so we can hold games and clinics and be able to run all our programs like Little Giants, All Abilities Mighty Giants – we have even looked into ball skills for kindergarten aged players and have sourced information on running a wheelchair basketball program. We would also open the courts for casual shooting and extra training. The possibilities for this stadium are endless – and this is just considering our club – we can offer this space to other basketball clubs or clubs from sports outside of basketball. We would have a café, a uniform and merchandise store, meeting rooms and medically certified first aid and sensory rooms.

Winter Basketball Refund
August 18th, 2020

Dear Members

Thank you for your continued support during these uncertain and anxious times for our community. On the back of the new restrictions within the state (imposed by state government, Basketball Victoria and Geelong United) it was unfortunate that the winter basketball season was cancelled after just two weeks.

 As you were all aware our club discounted the winter membership fee to $15 a reflection of the shortened season, an absence of training and a presentation day.  Due to the cancellation of the winter season the club has not incurred any substantial expenses and we will not be retaining the $15 membership fee.  Instead we are offering each individual member the following 2 options:

  • A full refund of the $15 fee
  • A donation of the $15 fee to a worthy Lara community cause.  

Please note that this is in reference to the membership fees paid to our club only – not registration fees paid to Geelong United Basketball and/or Basketball Victoria.  Further information regarding those fees can be found below and more details will come direct from the association and we have no weight in their processes. 

Donation option

In light of this refund we would ask you to consider donating the $15. As a club we strive and pride ourselves on our involvement within our membership and the wider community.  In saying that we would like to be able to support those affected by this COVID crisis.  Our aim is to offer some organisational and individual family support (finances pending).  We would hope to be able to make a decent contribution should our members choose to donate their $15. 

If you consider donating the $15 you don’t need to do anything else – if we don’t hear from you we will consider your membership fee a donation to our cause to help those affected. 

Refund option

We do however, understand that some members would appreciate the refund and we have attached a form that will need to be completed and returned to us no by Monday, 31 August 2020. To obtain your refund please download one of the forms via the Download button & send to

As a club we are well aware of the challenges that this situation has thrust upon us.  However the health and safety of our membership remains our priority.  While the headlines are focused on case numbers and community transmissions, we shouldn’t forget the hidden toll this pandemic is having on the collective mental health within our club and wider community. It is more important than ever to look out for yourself, for one another, and as your basketball club we will continue to explore ways to make sure we’re playing our part and providing the support that’s needed.

At this stage we are unsure of a return date for basketball & are hopeful of a summer season. We will be sure to let you know as soon as we know & look forward in seeing the kids back on the court.

Stay well

GUB Winter Fee: Around $16 was paid to Geelong United Basketball for the wintr season. GUB will send out a voucher code for this refund when our summer season starts for you to use. To request a refund please contact GUB directly.

Basketball Victoria: Annual fee & Insurance for BV is also included in your membership that was paid and this portion will be paused & continued when basketball returns.

Note: If you paid more than $15 to Lara Giants please be sure to mention that in your refund request. This includes families and those who paid in March.

Lara Giants Winter 2020 Teams
July 12th, 2020

Updated: Juy 18 2020

The Lara Giants are excied to announce our teams for the Shortened Winter Season which starts the week of July 20. With the current covid restrictions this has meant that players 19+ are not allowed to take the court due to physical contact not being permitted. Because of this Geelong United Basketball is trying to finalise plans for under 18s to potentially include u19s, therefore no under 18 teams will be announced just yet. We are hoping to finalise this in the next day or two when we get confirmation.

Below are the under 10s to under 18s teams for the boys & all junior girls. We will be naming U19 boys teams in the next couplle of days. As always a lot of care & planning has gone into the teams, however due to reduced numbers due to covid we weren’t able to enter teams in all divisions we had hoped. As a result some pllayers may not get the opportunity to play in higher divisions that they deserved.

The main objective with this season is to celebrate the return of basketball & to have fun. A reminder there is no training. There will be a uniform day on Sunday July 19 from 1 to 4. You must book your time to attend due to covid restrictions

Winter Teams

If anyone has any concerns or issues with the teams please refer to the contact us link to see who is the best person to help with your concerns or email us at

Domestic Basketball Returns
June 22nd, 2020

Junior Not Registered List. Update 5th July 11am.

If your childs name is on this list then they currently will not be placed in a team


Geelong United Basketball have announced the Winter 2020 season will be returning on July 20th. This will be a shortened one term season most likely consisting of a maximum 8 teams per division allowing for each team to play each other once & then finals. There will be some rules that will need to be followed for this to happen see below.

With our training venues being at the local schools we have decided that we will not be having any training sessions this term. At this stage we are not allowed to use the schools & if we are able to use the venues we would need to have limited numbers inside the stadium (inc no or one parent), clean the stadium after each session & record names & phone numbers of every visitor, we decided this would be extremely hard to do & police & to ensure the safety of our community & the schools we use, along with the extra costs to the club & therefore our families. We have also decided there will be no presentation day as we are unsure if we can hold such an event. Therefore with the reduction of our costs, we have reduced our Lara Giants club fees for just $15 for this winter only (instead of the usual $60). This will increase to $20 after July 5.

While we are excited by the return of basketball, we here at Lara Giants respect everyones right to decide how they feel. If you prefer not to play this season you are welcome to opt out by emailing us at the club with the players details & date of birth for juniors.

If you are wanting to play & to accept your position you must register to play in PlayHQ (the new system that is replacing the old sporting pulse). This will include the need to pay Lara Giants Club fee of $15 & Geelong United Fee (which is also half price) if this is due.

Accepting Your Spot for Winter 2020By July 5

All players who registered prior to the winter season cut off will be given priority . Ensure your name is on the list before paying any registrations

To accept your position to be placed in a team please follow the steps on our PlayHQ guide. Please note you will not be able to be placed in a team or take the court without doing this step. If the season does not go ahead all monies will be refunded or credited. All registrations must be completed by July 5 to allow us time to finalise the teams.

New or Unregistered Players

To register your interest please send your details in an email to including name, date of birth. If we have a spot we will let you know.

Refunds & Payments

If you have paid your full amount prior to the shut down you will be credited the difference for the season for winter season. We will be in touch to confirm prior to this. If you are unsure follow the steps on PlayHQ & you should be able to confirm. Likewise if the season does not go ahead a full credit or refund will be given

Financial Hardship

Any families doing it tough we are hear for you. Please reach out if you need some help to allow your kids to opportunity to play & we will see how we can help. All details are kept private. For more information please email

New to the club Players

If you are a new player you will need a uniform. We will be having a uniform day over the holidays where you can book a time & try on & collect your uniform.

Changes to the rules

While this is great news, due to COVID 19, there is still some restrictions and changes that will be in place to ensure everyone can return to play safely.
• Games must be completed within a maximum of 40 minutes.
• There must be at least 20 minutes between games to allow for cleaning.
• No more than one parent/guardian may be allowed per player under 18.
• No spectators Senior competitions (18 and older)
• All participants must “sign-in” upon entry to any venue
• All players will have to enter and exit the venue at different spots.
• No basketballs can be brought into the venue. All match basketballs will be sanitised before the game
• Cashless options will be available at all venues.

Game Structure

Using information from Basketball Victoria and the State Government, GUB will have made the following adjustments to the game structure on match day. More information about these regulations can be found in the Basketball Victoria Return to Play document.
• Games will commence on the hour with a central clock for each venue.
• All games will be 2 x 15-minute halves with 2 minutes at half time.
• Two time outs may be called per half per team. The clock will remain running in time outs.
• No time outs or substitutions in the last 1 minute of either half.


Q. Will there be training for Lara Giants

A. No there won’t due to restrictions in accessing venues own by the department of education. Along with the various rules in place by the health department around restricting spectators & cleaning.

Q. What if restrictions ease can we train then?

A. No, we have reduced fees to cover the team entry costs and not for training. We are hopeful of doing a few clinics later in the term if restrictions ease

Q. I am concerned about playing, can I withdraw my name

A. Yes we totally understand anyones concerns. Please email by July 5 to remove your name from our list

Q. I wasn’t going to play this winter, but now I want to, can I play?

A. Maybe. First priority will be given to those who registered prior to cut off. However should the opportunity arise due to players withdrawing we will hapily take extras. To register your interest

Juniors (inc u20):


Q. I paid my full membership earlier in the year prior to lockdown. Have I lost my money?

A. No a full credit or refund will be given for anyone who paid early

Q. I haven’t got a uniform what do I do? / My uniform no longer fits?

A. We will be having a uniform day of sorts during the last weekend of holidays. This will be a booking only system to reduce numbers

Q. I didn’t get my trophy or medal from summer season

A. You can book to coollect those during our uniform day

Q. I am concerned about the health of my family if I play. Is it safe?

A. Geelong United Basketball has met with Basketball Victoria regularly during this crisis who have also met with the health department. All safety rules and advice from the Health Department & State Government will be tightly followed. If things are deemed as unsafe at any stage the various departments will step in and advise.

Q. What if I wanna shoot some hoops over the holidays

A. AWA is open for bookings to help ensure you get your eye in ready for winter. Visit for more info

Q. What is PlayHQ & why do I have to register again

A. PlayHQ is the new complete system for basketball in Victoria. It will be used for registrations & payments as well as stadium scoring. Iit is the way forward for us all to make life easier. Once players are registered they will then be able to be placed in teams prior to the first game.

Q. When will teams be announced?

A. After the close off for acceptance on July 5 we will sit down & see where our teams are at. All temas were completed prior to this, but we expect some changes

Q. What about Little Giants & Mighty Giants, will the be on for term 3?

A. Unfortuantely no. With the restrictions to schools & the large number of rules we will not be able to hold these programs this term. We are hopeful of doing a free clinic towards the end of term should restrictions ease

Sponsors Profile
May 14th, 2020

During the break from basketball we have decided to get to know our sponsors better. Below is a snapshot of our simple Q&As during Covid-19

Lara Giants Survey
April 26th, 2020

We are currently undertaking a strategic plan. A strategic plan is a process of defining our club’s direction – making decisions on allocating the resources necessary to pursue objectives. Part of this process is a membership survey – which is now open. Our committee would like the support of our valued members by way of participating in this survey. This survey is part of our ongoing continuous listening to gather feedback from our members.

This feedback will help us to derive our objectives which in turn will mean better opportunities and facilities for our players and community. Strategy matters more than ever right now. It’s the tool used for shaping the future and creating momentum. Please take a few moments to complete the survey and help us better support you, our club membership base and the extended Lara community. The survey is open until the close of business on 4 May 2020.

Looking forward to seeing the results of the survey, this is the first step in our ultimate goal of a stadium for the club, so please be sure to take the time & be involved.

To do the survey click on this link here

Virtual Presentation Day Summer 2020
April 2nd, 2020

We are in difficult times where we had to cancel our presention day. Over the Easter break we are honouring the winners in our virtual presentation day.

All player trophies will be made available when we are given the all clear. Congrats to every single player who played this summer you all receive a medal for your efforts. Thank you to the parents for all their support as well as our amazing coaches who give up their time for our juniors.

U12 Boys

The U12 Boys would like to thanks Beck’s Boarding retreat for their Virtual Presentation day. Beck’s have been supporting the club for many years & once the quarantine is over we will be all looking forward to a holiday as will our furry friends. Be sure to continue to support our wonderful local businesses.

Congrats to all our U12 Boys, the Most Valuable Players, Runners Up & Coaches Awards. Massive thank you to our wonderful coaches too for their hard work this season

U12 Girls

The U12 Girls would like to thank Millars Lara for their support in 2019/20. Like many of our small businesses Millars needs your continued support during these hard times. Be sure to grab your coffee to work from home or order one of the yummy meals for dinner at home.

U14 Girls

Our U14 Girls is brought to us with thanks from the amazing Lara District Community Bank Branch for their continued support of our club & our whole community. Did you know they have donated over $1 million dollars back into the community since they opened. They continued their community work by helping us have free clinics for all (hopefully will be able to resume them soon). With so much going on in our world now they bank is still busy helping us all by providing their continued service. Now might be a time to consider your banking needs & look to re-finance to a great bank on a great rate & with money going back into our club. Plus we will give you $50 to spend within the club just by having a meeting with them for more info visit

Well done to all the girls for their fantastic season & a massive thank you to our wonderful coaches.

U14 Boys

The u14 boys are our biggest group with 11 teams of 8 and they are brought to you by our biggest sponser Austin Lara. Discover Lara’s Most Vibrant New Community at To see what the new Lara will look like. This is an exciting development with the first 6 stages sold out with plenty more to come. If you are looking at building or an investment option be sure to check out these amazing blocks.

Well done to all our U14 boys for their fantastic season & a massive thank you to our wonderful coaches.

Under 16 Boys

The U16 Boys are brought to you by one of our longest sponsors who are always happy to help out the club from financial sponsorship to helping our on presentation day with sausages. Thank you to the Lara Hotel for their continued support. They will need our support more than ever due to the current situation so be sure to get back & support them when we can. Well done to all our U16 boys for their fantastic season & a massive thank you to our wonderful coaches.

U16 Girls

The U16 Girls virtual presentation is thanks to the wonderful Kardinia Osteopathic Clinic. While our basketball lives are on hold we are probably doing a lot of things that are bad on our body, in particular our posture with home offices, lounging around watching movies & living on our devices. So be sure to check out a great bit of information from Kardinia to help with these situations

Thanks guys for your support & we look forward to having Liam back giving us from tips on the basketball court as well as before & after games.

U18 Boys

The U18 Boys virtual presentation is with thanks to the wonderful APCO Service Stations. With all of the craziness on in the word it is good to know that Apco is still open 24 hours a day & not only has all our petrol needs (which are so cheap at the moment) as well as many of the basics without going to the supermarket including bread, milk & plenty more. Thanks to all the Apco stores in Geelong, especially our local Lara store with Dean & his wonderful team. Thank you also for our coaches for their efforts & well done to the boys for their season.

U18/20 Girls

Our final virtual presentation is for the U20 Girls thanks to the wonderful Hodges Lara. Hodges are our new warm up top sponsor & we look forward to seeing the new designs soon. Hodges Lara specialize in real estate, property, land, homes for sale & rental homes in Lara. With over 20 years experience in real estate be sure to contact Hodges if you are looking to sell or buy in Lara or Geelong. Well done to the girls & the coaches on their season

Strategic Plan – Thanks to COGG
March 24th, 2020

The Lara Giants are thankful to the City of Greater Geelong for helping us with our funding grant to enable us to conduct a stratrgic plan. Focussing our goals & commitment into six key areas including our mission of moving forwad with a local stadium.

We will be having an upcoming onlie forum for all our members to have their say which we are looking forward to hearing. Stay tuned for more information

City of Greater Geelong - Home | Facebook

Winter Season 2020 Last Update 19 March – 8pm
March 17th, 2020

Currently signed up for Winter 2020

Winter Registation Info

Registration is now open for our Winter season. Winter season starts for term 2 & continues into term 3. All players wanting to play must register their details

Juniors: here

Seniors: here

Club fees must be paid prior to the start of the season, however Geelong United Basketball & Basketball Victoria are implementing a new system so they canot be paid just yet. We hope to have the new system up by end of the week. In the mean time register away & bring on our winter season.

  • Austin Land Lara
  • Lara Hotel
  • Lara Community Bank
  • Apco
  • Beck's Boarding Retreat
  • Kardinia Osteopathic Clinic
  • Lara Tyre & Battery

Upcoming Events

Annual General Meeting

Notice of Annual General Meeting- Sunday November 29 The Lara Giants are heading into a massive period of the clubs history with record number of players as well as the pushing forward with our plans for a home stadium. We ar inviting anyone who is passionate about our club to put their hands up to […]

Winter 2020 Uniform Day

Uniform day for new players. Spaces are limited & must be booked in due to covid restrictions

Girls Only Clinic – Steph Blicavs

FREE Girls Only Clinic with Australia Opal /  Geelong Supercat Steph Blicavs Sunday MArch 15th – Under 10s & U12s 12pm, U14s & above 1pm Registrations required at

Summer Presentation Day 2020

Junior Presentatio Day Sat March 14 at St Anthony’s Primary School Under 10s & Little Giants 4pm U12s & U14s 5pm U16 & U18s (inc U20 girls) 6pm  

Annual General Meeting

Lara Basketball Club would like to advise all that the our Annual General Meeting will take place on Sunday October 13th at 7pm at the Lara Community Centre on Waverly Road Lara. All positions will be vacated & we will elect a new committee. For more info contact Jason on 0417306327

Uniform Collection Day

Sunday October 6 at St Anthonys Primary School. Cash or Card Welcome 10am Surnames A to D 11am Surnames E to K 12pm Surnames L to Q 1pm Surnames R to Z 2pm Alternate Time

Winter Presentation Day 2019

Junior Presentation Day is booked in for Saturday September 21st. 11am Little Giants & U10s from . 12pm U12s & U14s at 12pm 1:30pm Club awards, Service awards & U16s & U18s. We will have the BBQ going all day for you to grab a snag as well as our merch tent will be set […]

Uniform Day

Uniform day for our new uniforms

Summer Presentation Day

For the first time ever we are having a summer presentation day. With so many of our junior players only playing summer we felt it was only far we put on a special presentation day for all the kids & their hard work over a hot summer.  There will be trophies for u12s & above, […]

Bunnings BBQ 2019

Bunnings BBQ Sunday Feb 24 Book your spot to help