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Lara Giants Super Clinic Dec 2016
December 4th, 2016

What an awesome day we had today at our first super clinic.  We had over 30 kids split into 4 groups, each spending 30 minutes at each station before progressing onto the next.  We had…


  1. Attacking Basketball With Joel McFall – Lara Giants Div 1 Mens & Senior Club Champion

While with Joel, the kids learnt skills around dribbling & attacking the basketball

20161203_151711 20161203_140939

2. Shooting Fundamentals with Jackson Bentley – Lara Giants Div 1 Mens & Basketball Geelong Div 1 MVP

Jackson showed the kids the fundamentals of shooting, from stance to technique & follow thru

20161203_160214 20161203_151621 20161203_14102120161203_143014

3. Personal Fitness with Adam Hinkley – Personal Trainer – No Limit Fitness

At this station the kids got to learn that there is more to basketball than just shooting, with fitness & core strength a vital part

20161203_160347 20161203_142410


4. Passing with Lara Coaches Tania Thorpe, Damian Withers & Jason Aherne

The last stop was a few passing drills from the basics, to 3 man & 5 man weave along with a number of other great passing activities

20161203_144751 20161203_141050


Overall it was a beautiful sunny day where the kids worked hard for 2.5 hours & hopefully picked up some new skills & tricks to help make them better players.  Remember kids, to ensure you get the most out of this session you have to put in the time to practice what you learnt.  Repetition is vital, you have a long summer ahead, look to practice…

  • your dribbling – one ball, two balls etc,
  • your shooting focusing on your footwork, your hand positioning & your follow thru,
  • your fitness running, core strength etc
  • your passing ensuring you use your wrist & control the passes to ensure they are flat & fast


Next session is planned for Term 1 for the U12’s, with so many kids it is bound to fill up fast. More details in the new year.

Lara Giants on Channel 7’s Sunrise – Tuesday Nov 22
November 14th, 2016


Lara Giants will be live on Sunrise Weather thru out the morning with Sam Mac on Tuesday Nov 22 from 5:30am at Austin Park – Walkers Road Lara.  Woolworths are throwing a Street Party at Austin Park.

So kids, coaches, volunteers be sure to come down in your Lara Giants uniforms, warm up tops for your chance to be the biggest star in Lara (at least for 15 minutes). Woolies are putting on breakfast!

We look forward to showcasing the amazing work and effort that goes into creating such a great club as well as plenty of surprises & fun. Big Thanks to Woolworths Lara for their support #GoGiants

November 8th, 2016

Basketball Geelong has introduced the option of paying for your playing tickets upfront. All completed forms need to be returned to the Customer Service Officer (CSO) on any game night during the week – (where you normally purchase your tickets to play). Then the Basketball Geelong Office will print individualised tickets with your Last name printed on them in a booklet for you to use week to week for any of your Family members. Junior ticket books must be used for juniors and senior ticket books for Seniors only.


Print out the PDF file below & fill it out with your credit card details & hand it into the ticket office.  Basketball Geelong will print up your tickets with your name on them for you to use for future games. Note: You will need to allow sometime for the ticket to be printed so you will need to purchase a ticket as per usual method until your tickets are ready.


Print Me:   2017-summer-prepaid-player-tickets

Who to contact…
October 26th, 2016


With over 300 members & 40 teams, it is hard for us to know every single person & even harder for us to know any little problems you may face.  We have set up a network of people to assist you with all your concerns.  Whether you feel your child is not getting fair playing time, issues with their team mates, an incident during a game or simply need a new uniform.  We have a great committee of volunteers happy to help, listen & guide you thru the process or escalate your issues & concerns.  Please keep in mind we are also busy people & may not be able to assist until after regular working hours.

The first point where possible should be your coach.  Our coaches give up their time to help & have the best intentions at heart, have a chat to them about any issues that concern you & if they are unable to help you they may be able to direct you to the right person.

Women & Junior Girls

For issues with junior girls & senior women please contact Tania Thorpe at or 0408 326 895

Men & Junior Boys

Our Junior boys program is now very big.  To help share the load we have divided up the roles into 2 groups, however you can contact us or

U10, u12, u14 – Michael Paatsch (0400 611 505) and Jamie Slaymaker ( 0403 680 959)
U16 & U18 Rod Randall on 0408 331 560
Senior Men Rod Randall on 0408 331 560


If you are a coach & have issues or need to discuss your concerns please contact Matt Baars on 0476 428 060 or contact your junior co-ordinator


All uniform requests & order can go thru Dave Van Der Hoeven on 0438 006 442


We have a large range of merchandise & Mel Barter can help you on 0408 943 363

Team Availability

For enquiries on playing & team availability please email us with your name & DOB to one of the following email addresses.  Please note with the season started we are full in most age groups & won’t be taking more players until March 2017 or or


For other enquiries or to escalate your issues you can contact Jason Aherne club president at or 0417 306 327


LBC Selection Summer 2017 ** updated Sept 29 ***
September 27th, 2016

With over 250 junior players and 32 teams the selection process was very difficult.  In selecting teams we factored in a number of factors, but the most important one is team balance.  Some of the kids maybe in a lower division than they hoped.  Hopefully they will take this as an opportunity to grow & strengthen their game & show leadership abilities.


The club will also be in contact with you soon with some important information as well as details of a uniform day on Sunday 3rd 2016.  Your coach will also be in contact to introduce themselves & inform you of training times.


The season starts on the Monday when school returns.  This may mean some teams will not get a training session in before their first actual game.  Also of note due to high numbers, some teams have 9 players.  The coaches may consider having a roster where each kid sits out one week every 8 weeks.  Basically 1 game before Christmas & one game in term 1.


Thank you to all for your patience during this process.  We have tried to please as many people as possible, however we know it is not possible to please everyone.  Finally thanks to all the coaches for giving up their time for the summer season.  This is a big commitment & without your support we wouldn’t have our club.

Below are the team selections for Summer 2017, if you have any concerns please contact our junior co-ordinators at  or,au


Winter Review 2016
September 26th, 2016

A massive winter for our teams with some excellent results.  Of course not everyone could play in a grand final with all teams showing great improvement & brilliant team spirit.  You all did our club proud as well as your families & yourselves.


A big congratulations to the following teams who played in the grand final

U14B-3 – Lara Kings vs YMCA
U14B-4 – Lara Titans vs Sharks
U16B-2 – Lara Giants vs Vytis
U16B-3 – Lara Titans vs Rovers
U16G-2 – Lara Lakers vs Rovers
U18B-3 – Lara Lakers vs Dolphins
U12G-2 – Lara Lakers


Congrats to these winners

First grand final win for the giants for W2016 with the Lara Titans defeating the Sharks 28-16. Congrats to coach Jason, team & all the families


In a very heated game the u18 boys got the job done. Well done boys



A fantastic effort by our under 12 girls to knock off top of the ladder pivot to win our 3rd grand final for the week. Well done Elisa & girls, great effort & great season!


Seniors Presentation Day – Sunday Sept 18
September 7th, 2016

The celebrate the end of a long season we are having an end of season break up for our Senior players, coaches & committee members.  This is a great a great chance to relax & get to know your team mates & others around the club.  Also a handy chance to convince the older players to come back for one more season.

So join us at the Lara Hotel on Sunday September 18 at 3pm.

We will be presenting the Division 1 Club Champion as well as putting some money on the bar & provide some finger food.


This is a great opportunity for us to bond as well as make connections, you never know when you need an extra player to cover the summer shortage.

All 17 year olds going up to seniors next season are welcome to come, however may be best for adult supervision 🙂

Spread the word, invite your team mates & start your planning for the summer season. Should be a great day!

Hey Girls- Get into basketball
September 6th, 2016

Calling all girl of Lara. Want a great way to get fit, have fun and make life long friends?
We are looking for some more under 10 & under 12 girls to fill up our teams for our summer season. Come along Wednesday 14th September at 4pm & give basketball a try. We will have experienced coaches along with a couple of our u16 & u18 Lara girls who also play supercats to share the fun & answer your questions.
Already signed up, come along anyway & bring a friend 🙂
For more details contact us at or to join up follow the steps at or contact Jason on 0417 306 327





Summer 2017 player sign up and team selections *UPDATED*
August 18th, 2016

**** Last Updated: Sept 4 2016  *****


All players who intend to play in the Summer 2016 / 2017 season MUST notify the junior boys or junior girls team coordinators.  The sign-up and team selection procedures and an explanation of the process is described fully in this document

LBC Summer 2016 2017 player and team planning

Team selections and LBC registration will follow in a few weeks time.


Check the following lists for players who have already signed.  If your name is not on this list you will not be selected in a team.

Summer 2016 2017 – Boys signed up_s4

Summer 2016 2017 – Girls signed up_s4

LBC Summer 2016 2017 player and team planning
August 18th, 2016


Procedure summary

Please read the FAQ below for further explanation.


Step 1  Indicate your intention to play in Summer 16/17 season by Friday 2nd September.

Step 2  Confirm that your name has been included on the player list on the LBC website.

Step 3  Team selections will be done during the 2 week period ending Friday 16th September



Procedure details


Step 1

Indicate your intention to play in Summer 2016 2017 season before Friday 2nd September by emailing to  OR


Details required are :


Date of birth

Email address

Contact mobile number


Step 2

Confirm that your name has been included on the player list on the LBC website.

If you have done Step 1 above and your name does not appear on the list within 2 days, send a text to Rod Randall on 0408 331560

Allow 2 days for the list to be updated.   

Only players on the list will be considered for selection in a team.

If you are aware of players not on the list, who you know intend to play, direct them to the LBC website for directions on how to sign up.


Step 3

Team selections will be done during the week ending 16th September and all players will be notified when the teams have been selected.  The team lists will be placed on the LBC website.  Players not selected in a team will be placed on a waiting list.


Change of Age Groups

The change of age groups occurs between the Winter and Summer seasons and approximately half of the players will move up an age group.  The new age groups for Summer 2016/2017 and Winter 2017 are:

  • Under 10 Born in 2008 or 2009
  • Under 12 Born in 2006 or 2007
  • Under 14 Born in 2004 or 2005
  • Under 16 Born in 2002 or 2003
  • Under 18 Born in 2000 or 2001



Why is this new procedure being introduced ?

The biggest issue the club has each season is entering teams without a confirmed coach and then trying to find a coach while the season is active.  This causes frustrations and disgruntlement for all involved and a lot of extra time and effort for the team coordinators and other club members.  The whole process is about removing the uncertainty around who is playing and who is coaching and the pain associated with that uncertainty.


How can I guarantee my child will be placed in a team ?

That is easy – coach a team !  or recruit somebody to coach your child’s team.

This is the part where you can really help the club.  If you have some basketball experience or are just willing to give it a go then please consider coaching a team.  You may have a brother/sister/relative/friend who is suitable – ask them if they will coach.

If everybody in the club actively looked for somebody to coach a team all our coaching issues would be solved.


How many teams will be entered in each age group ?

The number of teams is totally dependent on the number of coaches confirmed for that age group.  If we have enough players for 5 teams but only 3 coaches we will only enter 3 teams.


How are the teams selected ?

Team selections will be done by the age group coaches and the teams coordinator.

If extra teams are entered after the initial selection there will be some reshuffling of the players amongst the teams.


What if my child is not selected in a team ?

They will be placed on a waiting list and if a position becomes available the coach will select a player from the waiting list.

BUT if we had another coach we would enter another team and an extra 7 or 8 players would get a game.  Refer to the question above “How can I guarantee my child will be placed in a team?


I thought the club would provide a coach !

The club is you, me and everybody else who plays or has a child who plays.  Some of our coaches are senior players but the majority are the parents of players.  All are volunteers willing to give up their time to allow the kids to have a game of basketball.  How many kids can play is dependent on how many parents are willing to volunteer.


What are the commitments and benefits of coaching a team ?

Commitments and duties

There is 1 game and 1 training session per week both of which are usually 1 hour duration.

There will probably be 1 coaches meeting per season.

Work with the club and team coordinators as the primary contact between the club and the team.

Benefits and assistance

Free LBC club membership for your family.

Free coaching courses as available.  Generally there would be a level 0 and level 1 course each year.

Assistance will be provided to beginner coaches if requested.  All you have to do is ask.


  • Phoenix Hotel
  • Lara Hotel
  • Avalon Airport
  • Ray White

Upcoming Events

U12’s Super Clinic

It is back, this time for under 12s. The Lara Giants Super Clinic. Strictly limited spots (as group sizes are kept small to help learning) available so book now to secure your place. Div 1 men Jackson Bentley & Joel McFall plus other coaches will be on hand to ensure you learn plenty while having […]

u14/u16 Super Clinic

2.5 hours of basketball skills. Kids will spend half hour with some of the best basketballers in our region. Learning Shooting, Dribbling, Passing & Fitness skills that will help make them stronger & better rounded players

Uniform Day- Sunday 2pm-4pm- 2nd Oct 2016

Uniform Day- Sunday 2pm-4pm- Oct 2 2016  at Lara Lake Primary School With the new season starting next week, all new players will need a uniform. Also, anyone wanting a new uniform come down & check them out. We will also be having our merchandise there, so grab a warm up top or a hoodie […]

Lara Giants Presentation Day 2016

Sunday 11th September Lara Lake Primary School 11am – 12pm – Under 10’s & under 12s 12pm – Lunch / Free Sausage Sizzle 1pm – Service & Club Awards, Under 14s, u16s, u18s Heaps of fun, with jumping castle, basketball shoot out, merchandise tent & more Oh and plenty of trophies 🙂

Lara Basketball Club Annual General Meeting 2016

Notice of the AGM of the Lara Basketball Club Date: Sunday 21st August 2016 Time: 7:00 pm Venue: Lara Community Centre, Waverly Road, Lara All committee positions will be declared vacant and a new committee will be elected. If you are interested in serving on the committee in one of the executive positions or as […]

Trivia Night – June 18 2016

A great night out to see who is the smartest person in the club. Or perhaps the one who is up on all the gossip  


Lara Giants Presentation Day is on Saturday 19th September at Lara Lake Primary School 11am – 12pm – Under 10’s & under 12s 12pm – Lunch / Free Sausage Sizzle 1pm – Under 14s, u16s, u18s & Service & Club Awards Heaps of fun, with jumping castle, basketball shoot out, merchandise tent (grab your summer […]

Lara Basketball Club Annual General Meeting 2015

Notice of the AGM of the Lara Basketball Club Date: Sunday 23rd August 2015 Time: 7:30 pm… Venue: Lara Community Centre, Waverly Road, Lara All committee positions will be declared vacant and a new committee will be elected. If you are interested in serving on the committee in one of the executive positions or as […]

Club championships Ballarat 2015

The junior Club championships are to be held in Ballarat this year on 3rd and 4th October