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Lara Giants Stadium Business Case
November 15th, 2022

There is a lot of talk as we push towards getting a stadium to call our home. The need is real, not just for our club, but our record numbers but for basketball in our region.

Further to a lot of work and support mention Four18 and Otium and partial funding from the COGG here it is! We are shovel ready!!!

Lara Giants Photos
November 2nd, 2022

It has been a long time since we had a chance to get some photos of our little (& not so little) super stars.

Seeing it has been so long we went out & found a great photographer who has an awesome range of photo options. TJ Photos have an exciting range of team and individual photo designs to order phots starting next week. With options for print out or digital copies you are bound to score a great shot & done in time for Christmas. Plus $2 from every item ordered goes directly to the Lara Giants.

To view the photo range & visit Lara Giants Photos here

Remember to wear your full Lara Giants uniform

Next week teams that train at Lara Lake will be up first aligned with training times.

Monday Nov 7th – Lara Lake

4:45 U14 Girls 4 Lakers Ebony Rowe

5pm U14 Girls 3 Diamond Sharon Plichta

5:10 Monday Little Giants – Kat & Bindy

5:45pm U16 Boys 1 Giants Rod Randall

6pm U16 Boys 2 Titans Andrew Trickey

6:45pm U16 Boys 3 Giants Lance Bedford-van Parreren

7pm U16 Boys 4 Lightning Ryan Dew

Tuesday Nov 8th – Lara Lake

4:45 U14 Boys 5 Giants White Hayley Rabbas

5pm U12 Girls 2 Giants Nathan George

5:15pm U12 Girls 3 Stars Tim Kirtley*

5:30 U16 Boys 4 Lakers Mark Adams*

5:45pm U16 Boys 4 Stars Drew Kinsella

6pm U16 Boys 4 Thunder Chris Jack

6:45pm U18 Boys 3 Giants Jason Aherne

7pm U18 Boys 2 Titans Steve Moxon

Wednesday Nov 9th – Lara Lake

4:45 U10 Boys 5 Stars Nate Elliot

5pm U10 Boys 5 Titans Maddy/Mikayla

5:10pm – Little Giants – Kylie

5:30pm U10 Girls 2 Giants Ben Dryton

6pm U10 Boys 5 Lakers Michael Grgurevic

6:45pm U16 Girls 1 Giants Aidan Courtney

7pm U19 Girls Giants Lorraine Kulic

Thursday Nov 10th – Lara Lake

5pm U10 Girls 3 Stars Dean Brebner

5:15pm U10 Boys 4 Giants Dean Brebner

5:40pm U12 Mon Boys 2 Titans Stuart Davis*

5:50pm U12 Sat Boys 5 Titans Fraser Brady*

6:05pm U12 Sat Boys 4 Heat Regan Lilly


Monday Nov 14th – Lara Primary

4:40pm U12 Girls 3 Thunder Paul & Marsha Browning*

4:50pm U12 Sat Boys 5 Giants Paul & Marsha Browning*

5:05pm U10 Boys 4 Thunder Liz Schultz

5:20pm U10 Girls 3 Lightning Tenyle Smith

5:35pm U10 Boys 4 Lightning Leonie Jelbart

5:50pm U14 Girls 1 Giants Nathan Wharton*

6pm U14 Girls 4 Stars Patrick Conway*

6:15pm U14 Girls 2 Lightning Bianca Grainger

6:30pm U14 Girls 2 Thunder Jason Wilson

6:45pm U18 Boys CH Giants Simon Favaloro

7pm U18 Boys 4 Lightning Chris/Jamie

Tuesday Nov 15th – Lara Primary

4:45pm U12 Sat Boys 4 Lightning Jeremy Sands

5pm U14 Boys 5 Stars Dylan Andrews

5:15 U14 U14 Boys 3 Lakers Brett Boneham*

5:30 U14 Boys 5 Lakers Cam Bath*

5:45pm U16 Boys 5 Giants Blue Kate Saha

6pm U16 Boys 5 Giants White Luke Priddle

6:15 U16 U16 Boys 4 Titans Jake McCarter

6:30 U18 Boys 4 Thunder Troy Beamond

Friday Nov 18th – Lara Primary

4:45 U12 Mon Boys 3 Thunder Brad Hearns

5pm U12 Girls 3 Diamonds Jacinta Box

5:15-6pm Pipsqueaks, Little Giants, Mighty Giants, Make Up Session


Wednesday Nov 23rd – Lara Primary

4:45pm U10 Girls 3 Diamonds Andrew Maslen

5pm U10 Boys 2 Giants Liss Clements

5:15pm U10 Boys 3 Titans Luke Surtees

5:30 U12 Mon Boys 3 Lightning Melinda Kinsella

5:45 U12 Sat Boys 4 Thunder Naomi Barabgallo

6pm U12 Sat Boys 3 Titans Luke Surtees

6:15pm U12 Mon Boys 1 Giants Dillon Butten

6:30 U16 Girls 3 Diamonds Leesa & Steve Reid

6:45pm U14 Boys 4 Titans Dwayne Bourke

7pm U14 Boys 2 Giants Andrew/Matt

7:15pm U10 Boys 5 Huskies Emily Aherne

Thursday Nov 24th – Lara Primary

4:30 U12 Sat Boys 5 Lakers Jane Amparis

4:45pm U14 Boys 4 Lightning JP Amparis

5pm U12 Sat Boys 2 Giants Chris Eyre/Sarah Walshe

5:45 U14 Boys CH Giants Mark Schultz

6pm U14 Boys 1 Titans Chris Eyre

6:40 U14 Boys 4 Thunder Stephanie Bate*

6:50 U14 Boys 5 Giants Blue Rhys Petroff*

Annual General Meeting 20th Nov 2022
October 27th, 2022

Notice of Annual General Meeting

Sunday 20th November 7pm
Lara Community Centre – Youth Room
Waverly Road Lara

If you are passionate about helping our club as we head into the most important time in our 30 year history we would love for you to come along. All roles will be declared vacant & a new committee will be elected.

For more information inbox us here or contact our president Jason at

For those not as interested in being on a committee but would love to help at our various events such as uniform days & presentation days we would love for you to join the Giant Army. More details soon.

Summer Teams 2023
September 28th, 2022

We are excited to announce our summer teams for the upcoming summer season. The season starts in early October & we have a record 80 teams. We thank you al for your patience as we have worked our way thru the teams.

While many will be excited by the selections we understand that some will be disappointed. We do the very best we can to ensure the kids are put in the best division for them & the club. Sometimes this means the player might be in a division lower than they were expecting. This maybe to give them the opportunity to work on their game or perhaps it was about team balance. When we have teams in the same division we try & ensure they are as even as possible.

Also remember that the first 6 weeks of the season are grading games. After this period we may review all the teams with Geelong United & may change divisions.

As always if anyone has any concerns we ask you to put them in writing & contact our junior co-ordinators. Please be sure to mention who your child is & what age group they are playing in. You can contact our junior co-ords at either or

Thank you all once again, exciting times ahead

Winter Presentation 2022
September 25th, 2022

Here is the wrap up of our junior presentation day for winter season 2022.

Here are our 2022 club champions

Junior Boy Club Champion: Jordan Favaloro – U18-Champ Boys

Senior Club Champion: Jackson Bentley – Champ Mens

Junior Girl Club Champion: Steph Tripolino – U16-1 Girls

To view past winners visit our website here

Others Winners


U12 Champ: MVP: Deagan Schultz Runners Up MVP: Dustin Cain

U12-M1 Giants: MVP: Harlem Watts, Runners Up MVP: Lincoln King

U12-M1 Titans: MVP: Oliver Cavie, Runners Up MVP: Charlie Ramstein

U12-M2 Lightning: MVP: Angus Lydom, MVP: Andrew Buckle

U12-M2 Thunder: MVP: Alex Fiorillo, Runners Up: Coby Thomson

U12-S1 Giants: MVP: Levi Walshe, Coaches Award: Bailey Pavlinac

U12-S3 Titans: MVP: Moesly Palmer, Coaches Award: Connor Downey

U12-S3 Thunder: MVP: Isaiah Hartles, Most Improved: Taj Colliver

U12-S3 Lightning: MVP: Matthew Knight, Runners Up: Mason Mckenzie

U14-1 Giants: MVP: Carlyn Muaiava, Coaches Award: Hamish Plozza

U14-2 Titans: MVP: Kooper Salvino, Coaches Award: Damon Gee

U14-4 Lightning: MVP: Charlie Cain, Runners Up: Nate Cambridge

U14-4 Thunder: MVP: Hector Vaatstra, Coaches Award: Koda Williams-Busuttil

U14-5 Giants: Coaches Award: Archie Bartrop & Aidan Gooding

U14-5 Lightning: MVP: Oliver Coppe, Coaches Award: Callum Stone

U14-5 Titans: MVP: Wilson Pulleine, Best Defensive Player: Lachlan Ryan

U16 Champ Giants: MVP: Tom Murphy, Coaches Award: Jaya Bayuntara

U16-1 Titans: MVP: Mason Pearson, Coaches Award: Daniel Anderson

U16-2 Giants: Best Defensive Player: Max Bartolo, Most Improved: Travis Pullen

U16-5 Thunder: MVP: Hayden O’Halloran, Runners Up: Mason Kinsella

U16-6 Giants: MVP: Rufus Vaatstra, Runners Up: Austin Rea

U16-7 Titans: MVP Judd McTigue & Luca Pavlak

U18 Champ Giants: MVP: Jordan Favaloro, Runners Up: Max Duyker & Rhys Petroff

U18-2 Titans: Uncle Drew Award: Zavier Jones, Kobe Award: Michael Howard


U12-1 Giants: MVP: Lottie Wright, Runners Up: Katia Grainger

U12-3 Titans: Most Improved: Carmen Ciangura, Coaches Award: Ruby Hartles

U12-3 Giants: MVP: Maja Prusac, Runners Up: Maddison Plichta

u12-3 Diamonds: MVP: Milla Gebbie, MVP: Keeley Drayton

u14-1 Giants: MVP: Chloe Glibo, Runners Up: Isabella Gill

U14-3 Diamonds: MVP: Isabelle McKane, Runners Up: Kyah Moon

U14-3 Giants: MVP: Ella Caruana, Most Improved: Charlotte Climpson

U16-1 Giants: MVP: Stephanie Tripolino, Coaches Award: Amali Schammer

U16-3 Giants: MVP: Montana Schultz, Most Improved: Jemilla Campbell

U16-3 Diamonds: MVP: Lacey Nolan, Runners Up: Bindy Wicks

Team Selection Trials Summer 2023
September 6th, 2022

Thanks for all those who have registered for our summer season. Our junior team selection try outs are this weekend Saturday & Sunday September 10th & 11th.

Where: Corio Leisuretime Centre – Anakie Road

Bring: Lara Giants Singlet (if you have one), Water & Basketball (if you have one)

We have 2 massive long days for our amazing team. So please be patient. Please arrive 15 minutes earlier to your session. All families should have received an email (please check your spam) Below is the breakdown of our day. All players are invited to one session but maybe asked to stay back

If you are unable to make the session please let you junior co-ord know not affect you in being selected in a side as we know how busy life is and how much covid & flu is still going around.

Summer 2023
July 31st, 2022

Registrations are now open for our upcoming Sumer season. Season starts the start of term 4 & continues for term 1 after a break for Christmas holidays.

We have simplified the registration process so you only need to do it once. To register to play please follow the links directly to PlayHQ All players who register before August 31 will be placed in teams.

Registration close August 31st & teams, given the change in age groups we are looking to holding team selection try outs on Sept 10 & 11 at Corio Leisuretime Centre.

If anyone has any questions about the registration process please contact us at

Anyone is interested in coaching please select that option when you register or email for more information.

Training times will depend on the team selected & the coaches & venue availability.


  • Under 10 – 2014 – 2016 – Saturday
  • Under 12 Boys – 2013 & 2012 – Saturday or Monday
  • Under 14 – 2011 & 2010 – Monday
  • Under 16 – 2009 & 2008 – Wednesday
  • Under 18 – 2007 & 2006 – Wednesday
  • Under 20 – 2004 & 2005 – Thursday
  • Under 23 – 2001 – 2003 – Thursday


  • Under 10 – 2014 – 2016 – Saturday
  • Under 12 Girls – 2013 & 2012 – Thursday
  • Under 14 – 2011 & 2010 – Tuesday
  • Under 16 – 2009 & 2008 – Tuesday
  • Under 19 – 2005-2007 – Tuesday


  • Open/Senior Men (Mostly Monday with some Thursday)
  • Open/Senior Women – Mondays
  • Mixed Men & Women (Sunday night) – Register Interest here Do Not Pay until we confirm team unless you have a team organised.

For more information on the costs associated with playing visit here

Please Note: This is not the registration for Little Giants & Pipsqueaks. More details on that early September.

Please note: Registration requires payment of all related fees.  Refunds will only be available on exceptional circumstances minus any admin fees. This includes long term injuries with supporting documentation.


Lara Giants FREE Clinic 28th August 2022
July 28th, 2022

We are super excited to have free community clinic return on Sunday August 28th at Corio Leisure Precinct. Thanks to Community Bank Lara District the clinic is completely FREE.

This clinic is open to current players and also open to anyone in our community who is keen to come & try our wonderful game.

There will be two x 1 hour clinics one at

  • 10am we will do clinics for the under 10s (including any Little Giant wanting to try)
  • 11am will be for the under 12s & above.

Whether you love your basketball & would love to get some extra tips or just keen to give basketball a try to see if you like it, we look forward to seeing you there.

Please note numbers are strictly limited, so you must book your spot by filling out your details on our google form HERE

Something for All
May 10th, 2022

The Lara Giants has something for all ages & abilities

Pipsqueak Giants –
A fun & interactive class designed to introduce the fine motor skills & pre-school kids ages 3 & up who haven’t yet started school.

Little Giants –
A fun term by term introduction to basketball for the future basketball stars. Learn the fun of basketball with our amazing coaches right here in Lara

Play Basketball –
We have teams in all age groups & divisions from u10s to Senior Men & Women

Mighty Giants –
A fun & inclusive program designed for kids with special needs & disabilities to give them a chance to have some fun with our wonderful game See less

Winter Teams 2022
April 23rd, 2022

We are super excited to announce our winter teams for Season 2022. A lot of planning & many hours of try outs have resulted in some fantastic teams & some really hard decisions. Please remember that teams will change from season to season as we have kids stop playing & others joining.

If any families have concerns you are welcome to put them in writing to either or

We would like to thank our coaches & selection committee for all their hard work on the teams & also for our families for their help & understanding on this challenging task.


As of April 11 we have the following spots available…

U10 Boys – Only 1 or 2 spots left

U12 Boys – limited spots for Monday or Saturday

U14 Boys – Full

U16 Boys – limited spots

U18 Boys – Full

Men – Potentially spots available

U10 Girls – 1 Spot left

U12 Girls- Full

U14 Girls – Full

U16 Girls – Full

Women – Full


  • Austin Land Lara
  • Lara Hotel
  • Lara Community Bank
  • Apco
  • Beck's Boarding Retreat
  • Kardinia Osteopathic Clinic
  • Lara Tyre & Battery
  • Jibber Jabber
  • Lifelong Dental
  • Long Island Homes
  • Millars Lara
  • Pipsqueaks Early Learning

Upcoming Events

Annual General Meeting

7pm Sunday Nov 20 Lara Community Centre – Youth Room   All positions will be declared vacant & a new committee will be elected. If you are passionate about helping our club as we head into the most important time in our 30 year history we would love for you to come along.


Notice of Annual General Meeting Sunday 20th November 7pm Lara Community Centre – Youth Room Waverly Road Lara

Uniform Day

Uniform day is on Thursday 15th September at the St Anthony’s Church on Kees Road. All new players from u10s to seniors will require a Lara Giants reversible uniform. For those of you who tried on and ordered a uniform at try outs, please come along to collect your uniform between 5.30 and 8pm. You […]

Presentation Day

Junior Presentation Day 12:30pm Little, Pipsqueaks & Mighty Giants 1pm U12 Girls 1:30pm U14s 2:30pm U10 3:30pm U16s & u18s 4pm Club Champs 4:30pm U12 Boys

Summer Team Selection Trials

Saturday & Sunday September 10th & 11th. Corio Leisuretime Centre – Anakie Road

Giant Clinic Aug 28

Join us for our free clinic on Sunday August 28 at Corio Leisure Centre.  For more information visit

Presentation Day Winter 2022

Celebrate the end of our winter season with plenty of trophies & medals for our junior sides. Details to be confirmed

Summer Registration Closes

Registrations for our upcoming summer season close August 31. Register now at

Winter Uniform Day

For our new players for summer season or our existing players needing a new uniform here is the chance to grab your uniform & be ready for the new season. More details to come

Summer Presentation Day

Summer Presentation Day, a chance to celebrate all our wonderful achievements. More details to come but we will be working thru from u10s at 12pm & going thru each age group one at a time