Lara Giants Photos

It has been a long time since we had a chance to get some photos of our little (& not so little) super stars.

Seeing it has been so long we went out & found a great photographer who has an awesome range of photo options. TJ Photos have an exciting range of team and individual photo designs to order phots starting next week. With options for print out or digital copies you are bound to score a great shot & done in time for Christmas. Plus $2 from every item ordered goes directly to the Lara Giants.

To view the photo range & visit Lara Giants Photos here

Remember to wear your full Lara Giants uniform

Next week teams that train at Lara Lake will be up first aligned with training times.

Monday Nov 7th – Lara Lake

4:45 U14 Girls 4 Lakers Ebony Rowe

5pm U14 Girls 3 Diamond Sharon Plichta

5:10 Monday Little Giants – Kat & Bindy

5:45pm U16 Boys 1 Giants Rod Randall

6pm U16 Boys 2 Titans Andrew Trickey

6:45pm U16 Boys 3 Giants Lance Bedford-van Parreren

7pm U16 Boys 4 Lightning Ryan Dew

Tuesday Nov 8th – Lara Lake

4:45 U14 Boys 5 Giants White Hayley Rabbas

5pm U12 Girls 2 Giants Nathan George

5:15pm U12 Girls 3 Stars Tim Kirtley*

5:30 U16 Boys 4 Lakers Mark Adams*

5:45pm U16 Boys 4 Stars Drew Kinsella

6pm U16 Boys 4 Thunder Chris Jack

6:45pm U18 Boys 3 Giants Jason Aherne

7pm U18 Boys 2 Titans Steve Moxon

Wednesday Nov 9th – Lara Lake

4:45 U10 Boys 5 Stars Nate Elliot

5pm U10 Boys 5 Titans Maddy/Mikayla

5:10pm – Little Giants – Kylie

5:30pm U10 Girls 2 Giants Ben Dryton

6pm U10 Boys 5 Lakers Michael Grgurevic

6:45pm U16 Girls 1 Giants Aidan Courtney

7pm U19 Girls Giants Lorraine Kulic

Thursday Nov 10th – Lara Lake

5pm U10 Girls 3 Stars Dean Brebner

5:15pm U10 Boys 4 Giants Dean Brebner

5:40pm U12 Mon Boys 2 Titans Stuart Davis*

5:50pm U12 Sat Boys 5 Titans Fraser Brady*

6:05pm U12 Sat Boys 4 Heat Regan Lilly


Monday Nov 14th – Lara Primary

4:40pm U12 Girls 3 Thunder Paul & Marsha Browning*

4:50pm U12 Sat Boys 5 Giants Paul & Marsha Browning*

5:05pm U10 Boys 4 Thunder Liz Schultz

5:20pm U10 Girls 3 Lightning Tenyle Smith

5:35pm U10 Boys 4 Lightning Leonie Jelbart

5:50pm U14 Girls 1 Giants Nathan Wharton*

6pm U14 Girls 4 Stars Patrick Conway*

6:15pm U14 Girls 2 Lightning Bianca Grainger

6:30pm U14 Girls 2 Thunder Jason Wilson

6:45pm U18 Boys CH Giants Simon Favaloro

7pm U18 Boys 4 Lightning Chris/Jamie

Tuesday Nov 15th – Lara Primary

4:45pm U12 Sat Boys 4 Lightning Jeremy Sands

5pm U14 Boys 5 Stars Dylan Andrews

5:15 U14 U14 Boys 3 Lakers Brett Boneham*

5:30 U14 Boys 5 Lakers Cam Bath*

5:45pm U16 Boys 5 Giants Blue Kate Saha

6pm U16 Boys 5 Giants White Luke Priddle

6:15 U16 U16 Boys 4 Titans Jake McCarter

6:30 U18 Boys 4 Thunder Troy Beamond

Friday Nov 18th – Lara Primary

4:45 U12 Mon Boys 3 Thunder Brad Hearns

5pm U12 Girls 3 Diamonds Jacinta Box

5:15-6pm Pipsqueaks, Little Giants, Mighty Giants, Make Up Session


Wednesday Nov 23rd – Lara Primary

4:45pm U10 Girls 3 Diamonds Andrew Maslen

5pm U10 Boys 2 Giants Liss Clements

5:15pm U10 Boys 3 Titans Luke Surtees

5:30 U12 Mon Boys 3 Lightning Melinda Kinsella

5:45 U12 Sat Boys 4 Thunder Naomi Barabgallo

6pm U12 Sat Boys 3 Titans Luke Surtees

6:15pm U12 Mon Boys 1 Giants Dillon Butten

6:30 U16 Girls 3 Diamonds Leesa & Steve Reid

6:45pm U14 Boys 4 Titans Dwayne Bourke

7pm U14 Boys 2 Giants Andrew/Matt

7:15pm U10 Boys 5 Huskies Emily Aherne

Thursday Nov 24th – Lara Primary

4:30 U12 Sat Boys 5 Lakers Jane Amparis

4:45pm U14 Boys 4 Lightning JP Amparis

5pm U12 Sat Boys 2 Giants Chris Eyre/Sarah Walshe

5:45 U14 Boys CH Giants Mark Schultz

6pm U14 Boys 1 Titans Chris Eyre

6:40 U14 Boys 4 Thunder Stephanie Bate*

6:50 U14 Boys 5 Giants Blue Rhys Petroff*

Upcoming Events

Annual General Meeting

7pm Sunday Nov 20 Lara Community Centre – Youth Room   All positions will be declared vacant & a new committee will be elected. If you are passionate about helping our club as we head into the most important time in our 30 year history we would love for you to come along.


Notice of Annual General Meeting Sunday 20th November 7pm Lara Community Centre – Youth Room Waverly Road Lara

Uniform Day

Uniform day is on Thursday 15th September at the St Anthony’s Church on Kees Road. All new players from u10s to seniors will require a Lara Giants reversible uniform. For those of you who tried on and ordered a uniform at try outs, please come along to collect your uniform between 5.30 and 8pm. You […]

Presentation Day

Junior Presentation Day 12:30pm Little, Pipsqueaks & Mighty Giants 1pm U12 Girls 1:30pm U14s 2:30pm U10 3:30pm U16s & u18s 4pm Club Champs 4:30pm U12 Boys

Summer Team Selection Trials

Saturday & Sunday September 10th & 11th. Corio Leisuretime Centre – Anakie Road

Giant Clinic Aug 28

Join us for our free clinic on Sunday August 28 at Corio Leisure Centre.  For more information visit

Presentation Day Winter 2022

Celebrate the end of our winter season with plenty of trophies & medals for our junior sides. Details to be confirmed

Summer Registration Closes

Registrations for our upcoming summer season close August 31. Register now at

Winter Uniform Day

For our new players for summer season or our existing players needing a new uniform here is the chance to grab your uniform & be ready for the new season. More details to come

Summer Presentation Day

Summer Presentation Day, a chance to celebrate all our wonderful achievements. More details to come but we will be working thru from u10s at 12pm & going thru each age group one at a time