Club Awards

Senior Club Champion
2022Jackson BentleyChamp Men
2021Jackson BentleyChamp Men
2020Not awarded Covid
2019Jack BurnettDivision 1 Men
2018Jackson BentleyDivision 1 Men
2017Jackson BentleyDivision 1 Men
2016Joel McFallDivision 1 Men
2014Lindsay ColeDivision 1 Men
2013Abby SchraderDivision 1 Women
2012Caitlin ShadboltDivision 1 Women
2011Natalie WallaceDivision 1 Women
2010Michael HammondDivision 1 Men
2009Corey SmithDivision 1 Men
2008Chris LewisA Reserve men
2007Mark EvansA Reserve men
2006Mark EvansA Reserve men
2005Mark EvansA Reserve men
2004Jason MurphyA Reserve men
2003Paul Box 
2002Jacinta Box 
2001Kathleen O’Brien 
2000Mark Evans 
1999Mark Evans 
1998Michelle Merchant 
1997Janet McGregor 
1996Richard Kamstra 
1995Cameron Innes 
1994Mick Doherty 
1993Mick Doherty 
1992Not awarded 
Junior Boy Champ Junior Girl Champ
2023Fletcher PulleineU16Stephanie TripolinoU19
2022Jordan FavaloroU18Stephanie TripolinoU16
2021Nathan HargraveU16 Addison BaarsU16
2020Not awarded  Not awarded 
2019Rhys PetroffU14 Taiya MorrowU16
2018Angus ThompsonU18 Addison Baars & Isabel BallesterosU12
2017Tadhg EvansU14 Ashlea WithersU18
2016Jake CollisU14 Zoe BrienU16
2015Tadhg EvansU12 Carly VaughanU18
2014Aaron StoneU16 Brittney Murray-RoweU16
2013Bailey PearceU12 Carly VaughanU16
2012Tyler WilleyU12   
2011Aaron StoneU14   
2010Aaron StoneU12   
2009Tim BoilogrevicU12   
2008Darcy BennettU12   
2007   Erin AndrewU16
2006Josiah MundayU14   
2005   Erin AndrewU12
2004Simon BoxU16   
2003Josiah MundayU12   
2002Paul Box    
2001   Jacinta Box 
2000Tim Box    
1999Robbie Evans    
1998   Kerri-Anne Evans 
1997Daniel Newby    
1996   Jacinta Box 
1995   Tracy Lamont 
1994Adam Martin    
1993Jason Reardon    
1992Not awarded    


  1. No awards issued in 1992, 2020 (covid)
  2. Junior Club Champion was split into Boys & girls in 2013
  3. From 2014 senior club champion was awarded to Div 1 players
  4. 2015 we had no Div 1 seniors team

Upcoming Events

Winter Presentation Day

Sunday August 27 Lara Primary School 1pm U10s, 2pm U12s 3pm Programs – Shooting Starts, Little Giants, Mighty Giants & Pipsqueaks 3:30pm U14s,  4:30pm U16s, u18s & u19s

Trivia Twisties – Trivia Night

Join us for a fun night of Trivia…. But with a twist.  There will be a strong emphasis on TV, Movies, Sport & Music as well as other crazy fun games & activities for all to enjoy

Lara Giants – Geelong Supercats Club Night

The Lara Giants are off to watch the NBL1 action with the Geelong United Supercats on Saturday June 3rd at the Geelong Arena. More info Lara Giants – Geelong Supercats Club Night

Presentation Day Summer 2023

Our summer presentation day is Sunday April 2

Giant Clinic/ Come & Try

Free Clinic / Come & Try Session Sunday March 19 Lara Lake Primary

Annual General Meeting

7pm Sunday Nov 20 Lara Community Centre – Youth Room   All positions will be declared vacant & a new committee will be elected. If you are passionate about helping our club as we head into the most important time in our 30 year history we would love for you to come along.

Uniform Day

Uniform day is on Thursday 15th September at the St Anthony’s Church on Kees Road. All new players from u10s to seniors will require a Lara Giants reversible uniform. For those of you who tried on and ordered a uniform at try outs, please come along to collect your uniform between 5.30 and 8pm. You […]

Presentation Day

Junior Presentation Day 12:30pm Little, Pipsqueaks & Mighty Giants 1pm U12 Girls 1:30pm U14s 2:30pm U10 3:30pm U16s & u18s 4pm Club Champs 4:30pm U12 Boys

Summer Team Selection Trials

Saturday & Sunday September 10th & 11th. Corio Leisuretime Centre – Anakie Road

Giant Clinic Aug 28

Join us for our free clinic on Sunday August 28 at Corio Leisure Centre.  For more information visit